The essential GPS platform for mobile workers

The Trimble® GeoXM™ handheld from the GeoExplorer® 2008 series is the affordable, all-in-one solution for mobile workers who need to take your GIS to the field. With a GeoXM handheld, your crews will collect reliable 1 to 3 meter GPS data for your GIS, relocating assets with confidence and fulfilling work orders efficiently.

Because the GPS receiver and antenna are built into the handheld computer, it's never been easier to use GPS in your application. Use the integrated SBAS receiver to get WAAS, EGNOS, or MSAS corrections, or use the integrated Bluetooth® wireless technology to connect to a Trimble GeoBeacon™ receiver to reliably navigate back to assets, or to record new data to keep your GIS up to the minute.

With a powerful 520 MHz processor, 128 MB RAM, and 1 GB of onboard storage, the GeoXM handheld is a high performance device designed to work as hard as you do. The handheld gives you all the power you need to work with maps and large data sets in the field, and its high resolution VGA display allows for crisp and clear viewing of your data.

With the GeoXM handheld you have the flexibility to work exactly the way you want to. The handheld is powered by the industry-standard Windows Mobile® version 6 operating system, so you can choose a software solution designed for your field requirements, whether off-the-shelf or purpose-built. And you can use the built-in wireless LAN connection to access your organization's secure network and get the most up-to-date information. You can also wirelessly connect to other devices such as Bluetooth-enabled laser rangefinders and barcode scanners for convenient cable-free solutions that keep you productive in the field. Cellular connectivity can be added to the GeoXM handheld via the TDL 3G cellular modem connecting via wireless LAN or Bluetooth, the TDL 3G provides continuous network/internet access to real-time map data, web-based services, VRS™ corrections, and live update of field information.

Rugged design and powerful functionality are the hallmarks of the GeoExplorer® series. When accuracy is critical, the GeoXM handheld delivers—with unprecedented efficiency and reliability, when and where you need it.

Key features:

    * 1 to 3 meter GPS with integrated SBAS
    * High-resolution VGA display for crisp and clear map viewing
    * Bluetooth and wireless LAN connectivity options
    * 1 GB onboard storage plus SD slot for removable cards
    * Windows Mobile version 6 operating system
    * Rugged handheld with all-day battery



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